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Data View: Undeliverable SMS. Query this data HoldDate, The date when MobileConnect discontinued sending messages to the subscriber, datetime, Date , X. high school Auditions - Thu, Dec 6, 4 pm. Special Music School High School will hold open call auditions on Thu, Dec 6. Those interested in auditioning for. Autumn 22 September - 15 December (Closed on 3 November). Spring 12 January - 30 March (SMS closed on 23 February). Summer sms date Apple iOS has never allowed access to call log data by third-party apps, overt or silently, so this sort of data acquisition was never possible. So Facebook and other applications could continue to gain access to call and SMS data with a single request sms date specifying an earlier Android SDK version. While data collection was technically "opt-in," in both these cases the opt-in was the default installation mode for Facebook's application, not a sms date notification of data collection. The topics for these workshop range depending on the conference and the organizers, but typically provide an excellent opportunity for doctoral and junior faculty scholars to work with senior scholars, meet with editors, and develop their research. ProvideFeedback post boolean Not PII Set this value to true if you are sending messages that have a trackable user action and you intend to confirm delivery of the message using the Message Feedback API, sms date.

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