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mandate (plural mandates) . mandate (third-person singular simple present mandates, present participle mandating, simple past and past participle mandated). Mandate definition is - an authoritative command; especially: a formal order from a superior court or official to an inferior one. How to use mandate in a sentence. Two "straight" guys doing something that would be your standard date, eg going to a film, out for a meal. man date

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The argument must consist entirely of digits, which have the following meaning: By default, date pads numeric fields with zeroes. A mandate from a leader is a command you can't refuse. Thu, Jan 03 Examples Print the date of the day before yesterday: It can contain month names, timezones, 'am' and 'pm', 'yesterday', 'ago', 'next', etc. A mandate from a leader is a command you can't refuse. Thus, the Clean Air Act was a mandate from Congress to clean up air pollution—and since mandate is also a verb, we could say instead that the Clear Air Act mandated man date restrictions on air pollution. The units of the fund then will be subscribed by investors, he added. But to convert a number of seconds back to a more readable date, man date, use a command like:

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It isn't changed by the '--date' option. The directives are described below. The chief executive officer CEO of one of the bidders said they would not have liked to compromise on economics. The --date and --set options can not be used with such an argument. The --universal option can be used with such an argument to indicate that the specified time and date are relative to Coordinated Universal Time rather than to the local time zone.

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