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Audience Reviews for Internet Dating. I love Katt. I guess the more I watch it the more it's like a movie based on that TV show Blind Date. Also: it's pretty weird that Romeo wrote sex scenes for his father to perform huh? Craig Lindsey. Review by Craig Lindsey ½. A Katt Williams movie directed by. Internet Dating: Katt Williams, Michael Blackson, Leslie Jones, Sammy Maybe the cast and crew did not watch the movie before they released it.

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Free online dating community sites Suffice to say that the insights in the thought bubbles are actually not all that insightful and sometimes downright idiotic. In internet dating movie, the whole thing looks so shitty and ill-conceived that the overall tone is a lot closer to a home movie than anything ever intended for public consumption. Most of the time his asides and furious improvising have nothing to do with anything but that proves to be a salvation from the incredibly laborious and unfunny rest of the movie. They try so hard to look off-the-cuff and genuine yet are extremely stiff and rehearsed? On behalf of all your fans, internet dating movie, Master P, I am disappointed in you.
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These shenanigans eventually land him in jail gadzooks! It also seems from poking around that none of them are really that terrible, internet dating movie. Anyway, Mickey and his cohorts get into a bunch of crazy shenanigans befitting a man who lies about his persona on the Internet, including: Scenes shot outside are fuzzy with background noise. In Reviews on April internet dating movie, at 2: They try so hard to look off-the-cuff and genuine yet are extremely stiff and rehearsed? internet dating movie

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